Macron’s France plays with fire in the eastern Mediterranean


The tension between Turkey and Greece has reached a boiling point in the eastern Mediterranean and has now become a test for the approach to justice of international actors.Ankara is determined to find common ground for a solution, but Greece is stubborn, insisting that its claim to naval territory is determined by islands located hundreds of miles from its mainland.

Athens is strongly supported by Paris, which ignores the rights of Turkey, Turkish Cypriots and Libya.

Despite the hostile attitude of Greece and France, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Thursday that it was in the interests of both sides to seek dialogue. He added that the Greek Cypriot administration and Greece were increasing tensions in the region by ignoring Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots. He also called on the European Union to intervene in Greece’s actions; however, the EU seems far from being objective at the moment.

Let me remind you of one of the most bizarre Greek claims.

The island of Kastellorizo ​​(Meis in Turkish) is 10 square kilometers. It is a very small island. The distance between the Greek mainland and Kastellorizo ​​is hundreds of kilometers, but it is only 2 kilometers from the Turkish mainland. Greece is claiming the rights to more than 40,000 square kilometers of maritime territory across the small island, which would mean that it would control almost all maritime areas around Turkey in this region.

This is against international law and of course against Turkey’s national security.

The tension is not new, but this time it started after the signing of an agreement between Greece and Egypt, ignoring the rights of Turkey and Libya.

Turkey announced on August 10 that its vessel Oruç Reis would conduct seismic research in the eastern Mediterranean.

It is important to stress that Turkey has always tried to seek dialogue. When Germany became involved as a mediator in the issue, Ankara announced that it would postpone its activities in the region.

But despite this announcement, the deal was made, which was obviously a hostile move.

On Thursday, Erdoğan had a telephone interview with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the issue in an attempt to ease the tension. In contrast, French President Emmanuel Macron is deliberately stoking the flames of the clash.

I think Macron’s actions endanger stability and peace within the EU and the region. It was the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who, without informing the UN, sent warships to Libya when the crisis erupted and it is again Macron’s France who claims authority over fate from Libya. He aligns himself with Greece, with Egypt, with any actor who helps his colonial dreams come true.

I call it playing with fire.


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