Machine Gun Kelly Reads Tweets About Thirst


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* MGK reads an explicit * “Difficult” tweet.

Recently we had this musician / actor by the name of Machine Gun Kelly – maybe you’ve heard of him? – Zoom in with us to read the internet’s dirtiest thirsts and tweets.

So if you want to see MGK blush, fall to the floor laughing and talk about sucking a certain lady’s toes, then this video is for you!

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It’s no secret to the internet that MGK has a thing for ~ toes ~, and a tweeter urged Mr. Baker to do just that …

… But he refused, in his gentle way.

We have no choice but to stop AND ship the relationship between MGK and MF.

Make sure to catch Machine Gun Kelly in Project power, now streaming on Netflix, and mark your September 25 calendars for the release of her album, My Downfall Tickets.

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