M5 accuses France of interfering in the Malian political crisis


The Malian opposition maintains its position

Imam Mahmoud Dicko, considered the leading figure in the June 5 opposition movement in Mali, accused France of interfering in the country’s current political crisis. Claiming – without concrete evidence for the moment, that the former colonizer has gone behind the scenes to influence the choice of the next Malian prime minister.

The Imam expressed his patriotism: “It is a decisive day. This is to show that the Malian people are unwavering. That we are not submissive or willing to give up and that we would rather die as martyrs than live as traitors. But we will have to show it on August 11, by the grace of God. “

French political interference possible

Dicko also said that Prime Minister Boubou Cisse had no legitimate political motive to fall back on and doubled down on his suspicions that France was behind Ibrahim Boubacar Keita’s relentless grip as president – even against calls incessant to his resignation by the opposition. “Why is France interfering in the choice of the Prime Minister for Mali? France is behind IBK in these decisions. I am not an enemy of France, but France must respect us. The influential imam trained in Saudi Arabia did not mince words.

National unrest

Last month, 11 people died in three days of unrest following an anti-Keita protest in Mali’s worst political conflict in years. The loose alliance of opposition and religious leaders channeled deep frustration over a dire economy, perceived government corruption and an eight-year jihadist conflict. The violence prompted Mali’s neighbors and allies to intervene, anxious to avoid a descent into chaos for the Sahelian nation.

On July 27, the heads of government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) called for the formation of a unity government, among other measures, to calm the crisis. The June 5 Movement quickly rejected the proposals, insisting on Keita’s resignation. Dicko has since added his call for Cissé’s resignation


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