Lucid Motors has a working electric SUV prototype


Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson confirmed in an interview with YouTube Channel E For Electric that the company is indeed building an all-electric SUV and already has a working prototype.It’s been a busy week for Lucid, as just a few days ago we learned that the company’s first vehicle, the Air, will hit the market with an estimated range of 517 miles. It will achieve this autonomy with a battery of less than 130 kWh. This means that the Air will be a very efficient vehicle.

Alex Guberman, host of E For Electric, started out with the intention of interviewing Rawlinson about the Air and its independently verified 500+ mile range, but the conversation quickly turned when Rawlinson spoke admitted that Lucid already had a working prototype of his SUV.

It was no secret that Lucid planned to build an electric SUV based on the Air platform, but to our knowledge, Lucid has never admitted to having a flyable prototype. This could indicate that they are much closer to the production of the vehicle than was generally thought.

Rawlinson, who isn’t known to be as loud as other CEOs in the industry, has made it clear he doesn’t take anything for granted and realizes the company still has a long way to go.

Talking is cheap and we must approach it with humility. We didn’t accomplish anything before Lucid Air went into production, that’s the first thing. But we have an SUV off the aerial platform; in fact, we have a prototype driving now, and that’s great. -Peter Rawlinson, CEO, Lucid Motors

Rawlinson explained that in addition to the Air and the SUV, Lucid has other cars and new platforms in his 10-year plan, and as Rawlinson tells Guberman, he would like the company to manufacture a million cars a year in about six years. years.

When Guberman asked Rawlinson when we can expect to see the SUV, he replied, “Watch this space, watch nine to nine.” What Rawlinson was referring to when he said nine-nine was September 9, the date Lucid set for the Air’s official unveiling. Did Rawlinson just tell us that we will also be able to see the prototype SUV during the Air unveiling? It really looked like me.

Guberman certainly agrees with me and thinks we’ll have a two-for-one surprise at Lucid’s September 9 Air unveiling event. Do you agree? Looking forward to Lucid’s SUV? We are sure.

SUVs are all the rage in the United States. Manufacturers like Ford and General Motors are moving away from sedans and expanding their portfolios of SUVs and crossovers because that’s what sells here. Electric vehicles need to come in all shapes, sizes, and driving ranges, and all of the different price points that ICE vehicles offer before consumers really start to embrace them.

Just a few years ago, the Tesla Model X was the only electric SUV available, and it cost almost $ 100,000. Now, we have had electric vehicles like the Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace in the market for quite some time, and Mercedes, BMW and Volvo and others are joining the party of electric SUVs. Additionally, startups like Rivian, Fisker and here Lucid promise to deliver in the near future.

“I would like us to make a million cars a year by 2027” – Peter Rawlinson

The smaller crossover market that’s so popular lately didn’t have an EV before the Tesla Model Y launched (and don’t try to tell me the Bolt EV is a crossover – it doesn’t matter if GM does. so calls). The e-Niro technically falls into the subcompact crossover SUV category, but I really think of this vehicle as just a sedan rather than a crossover. Soon the Mustang Mach-E and the Volkswagen ID.4 will be in showrooms, and these two vehicles are very important to their respective brands.

The point is, for a good number of years EVs that weren’t made in Freemont were mostly small hatchbacks that could go about 100 miles per charge or less, and many were strictly compliant. Those days are gone and now consumers are getting the types of vehicles they want. Oh, and wait until all those electric vans start showing up.

I might have strayed a bit from the Lucid topic, but that’s because I’m just happy to see more of the larger, longer-range EVs Americans have requested to finally emerge on the horizon. We are indeed getting there.


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