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We’re a few hours away from Thursday’s premiere Star Trek: Lower Bridges, which arrives just after midnight Wednesday night (PT), or 3 a.m. ET. Our latest update contains some more details about the series, some new promotions, more hope for international fans, our virtual report of the virtual premiere and a link to Star Trek Online.

Coming Legacy Actors Lower decks

This has been hinted at before, but in a new interview with Inverse, creator Mike McMahan has confirmed that we’ll be seeing familiar faces (and voices of actors) on Star Trek: Lower Bridges:

“… We have legacy actors who show up in the first season of Lower decks and we had a bit of where are they now kind of a vibe through a Lower decks lens. ”

UPDATE: New clip

Designing the show to look “legitimate” and even make Klingons “cooler”

McMahan spoke to Animation Magazine about the show’s design, including its adaptation to both Star Trek and the animated television series:

“We wanted the show to look like it fits into a prime-time animated comedy block, but it’s not scatological – it’s Star Trek. As an added cheesy element, all of the sci-fi in the series had to look legit and imbue the series with that sense of wonder. The humans had to look relaxed and heartwarming, much like Matt Groening’s Life in Hell comics. So, the look of the show had to be a mix of honest Star Trek fleet designs and great comedic prime-time animated visuals.

The executive producer also discussed the process for the artists on the show:

“One of the advantages of having our writers and our artistic team in the same office is that we were able to collaborate on many details of the exhibition. For example, we all know what the Klingons look like on the live show. But we’ve tried to take that look beyond that man in a suit look, because we’re lively. We can make Klingons even cooler!

A Klingon can be spotted if you take a close look at this preview image from “Temporal Edict”

UPDATE: New clips and more promotions and promotions

CBS gave their Entertainment tonight shows an exclusive clip from Episode 1 of Lower Decks.

There’s also a new clip on Twitter with some new footage to promote the Thursday premiere.

They also posted these funny posters on Instagram.

Over the past few days, CBS All Access has released character animations for the brands of Lower decks, with the last to come yesterday, with Beckett Mariner.

More hope for international fans

There is still no official announcement regarding when and where fans outside of the United States and Canada will be able to watch. Lower decks. In a recent update, we reported that Mike McMahan offers hope that international fans shouldn’t be concerned. Now in an interview with the British podcast How to kill an hour, McMahan offered even more hope, saying:

“I want everyone in the world to be able to see this show… And CBS wants you to see it too… There is work going on, a way for you to be able to watch it… I don’t know the timeline.” “

McMahan also explained why the announcement of the international distribution was not made, saying it was due to the release of Lower decks go ahead unexpectedly by two months. This makes sense because it was originally planned that Lower decks would be featured after (and not before) the third season of Discovery. McMahan said the “juggling around schedules” was due to the COVID pandemic. As we reported, the post-production of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery takes longer than expected due to remote work. Season three of Discovery kicks off on October 15, a week after the Season 1 finale of Lower decks.

Tuesday virtual premiere

Due to the world we live in, CBS All Access couldn’t host a traditional in-person event in Hollywood like they did for their other Star Trek series. So, on Tuesday, they held an online first for the press and invited the attendees. They sent a special box to the guests before the premiere, which included popcorn, candy, and everything needed to make cocktails for the after-party. There was even a mini red carpet that you can use on your desk.

The first in line included a chat room, attended by the show’s creatives and stars, as well as other Star Trek luminaries.

There was also a photo booth function.

To make the most of a first from a distance, Lower decks Voice actor Tawny Newsome simulated the event on the red carpet from her kitchen, as well as interviews using material provided by CBS.

Add Lower decks teach your Star Trek Online crew

Mardi Star Trek Online brought the Lower decks the crew advances on time at 24:11, the year of the MMORPG. Players can now add all four of the show’s brands (Mariner, Boimler, Tendi and Rutherford) to their ships’ service list. Each sign has a different profession, traits, and ‘active list power’, which can add a bit of humor to your game.

Add lower decks to your game

TrekMovie review Thursday morning, with more coverage to follow

Look for the TrekMovie.com review of the first episode of Star Trek: Lower Bridges Thursday in the early hours of the morning. He will also be the focus of Friday’s episode of our new podcast: All Star Trek Access, The new podcast will continue each Friday with reviews of every episode of the first season of Lower decks followed by reviews of the third season of Discovery. The next episode of our long Pod shuttle will also focus on the beginnings of Lower decks, giving you full team coverage.

We’ll also be offering a more in-depth look at the new series and the first episode here on the site and via social media. And we should have one or two interviews soon. So stay tuned to TrekMovie for everything you need to know. Lower decks.

All Access Free Month Promo

CBS All Access also announced a one-month free promotion. For a limited time, try 1 month FREE!

And follow all the news and reviews from the new Star Trek universe on TV at TrekMovie.com.


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