Love Island’s Laura Whitmore says villa stinks of ‘farts and fake tans’


Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore admitted she was disgusted by the stench when she entered the villa as the place smelled of “gas and fake tan”.The TV star took over the animation duties of the show from Caroline Flack to present the show’s very first winter edition in January.

Laura, 35, was a huge fan of the ITV2 show before she landed the job and admitted that she was unprepared for the bad smell emanating from the house the candidates share for six weeks.

Speaking to The Times, she revealed that there isn’t enough restroom in the villa and the place absolutely stinks.

She explained, “The Love Island villa smells. It’s the only thing the audience at home never sees.

Laura hosted Love Island earlier this year

“When you walk into a house with so many men and only two or three toilets, the smell of the fake tan, gas, perfume and aftershaves are all together like this eclectic mix. ”

She added that she felt “jealous” of the contestants for having the confidence to walk around in tight bikinis all day.

Laura continued, “I’m jealous of the girls on Love Island. I would have liked to be so confident.

The Love Island villa in South Africa where the winter edition was filmed earlier this year

She revealed that the villa stinks

“I’m inspired by their body positivity, to walk around the villa and not give like ** t.

“I wouldn’t want to be filmed in a bikini 24 hours a day.”

The show was slated to return this summer, but it was cut due to the coronavirus outbreak.

ITV bosses aired a Love Island Australia series starting in 2018 in its stead to fill the gap left in the schedule.

Love Island is now slated to be back on television next year, with Laura returning as the host.


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