Local Competitors Involved in Underground Segments of WWE RAW


Last monday BRUT, Shane McMahon made his RAW Underground debut with a warehouse, dancers and a stringless ring.Shoot-style fights featured a referee in the ring while two contestants competed in MMA or street style fights, but they were worked out like WWE matches still are. The segments featured WWE Superstars Dolph Ziggler, The Viking Raiders and The Hurt Business (who later announced they would take over).

There were many other freelance talent involved in the segment, which @LocalCompWWE covered in a series of tweets.

The first fight introduced by Shane McMahone was between Mikey Spandex and Dante Marquis Carter of Task Force. In the next segment, Shane McMahon introduced Dabba-Kato (Babatunde from fka NXT) who wrestled Kai Douglas (WWN referee), Chico Adams was also in the scene.

Erik of the Viking Raiders faced “Upgrade” Mike Reed in their fight. In the segment with The Hurt Business, Ariel Dominguez was tossed around by the team. Others in the crowd during RAW Underground: Marina Tucker, Sofia Castillo and Vinny Mac.

WWE already hooked up RAW Underground for Monday’s show


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