Liverpool’s ‘intense’ training ground argument after Manchester City defeat


According to goalkeeper Andy Lonergan, the Liverpool players were still totally focused and showed their “intense” desire to win the day after their accession to the Champions League.Veteran stopper Lonergan – who has confirmed he left the club after spending a season on the books, which included him eight times on the bench – says it was a pleasure to be around a team “full of winners” for a year, and says the day after Manchester City’s loss to Chelsea was a highlight.

The Reds were out together to watch the game and they celebrated it late into the night after the club’s first title in 30 years was confirmed.

But Lonergan says they were completely turned on in practice the next day.

“One training session that really stood out for me was the day after the league victory, Chelsea having beaten Manchester City,” he told the Lancashire Post.

Liverpool players still trained so hard after becoming champions

“There was a five-a-side game going on and a decision was made that someone wasn’t happy with.

“It led to a lot of yelling – no punches or anything – because the players wanted to win this five-a-side game.

“Forget the fact that we won the title the night before, the focus was on this game in training.

“That summed up the attitude about Liverpool, it was full of winners. ”

Lonergan has confirmed that, as he has now left Liverpool, he could take on his next challenge abroad.

Lonergan (left) has confirmed he has left LIverpool

“I have left Liverpool now, they will have five goalkeepers when they come home with guys coming back from loan,” he said.

“There is no place available at the moment for another goalkeeper, I knew it was going to happen.

“I left in style and really enjoyed my time as a Liverpool player.

“I’m relaxing right now, playing golf and maybe going to take a vacation.

“What happens next, I’ll see. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to play football for fun. That must excite me – there might be a chance to go abroad.


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