Liverpool news and live transfers – Coup from Thiago Alcantara, update from Diego Carlos, phone call from Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool have shown they can progress without big transfers

Liverpool could still take action in the summer transfer window – and indeed have around 10 weeks to make additions, when the new season will be well underway – but signings in large amounts seem unlikely.

That may not prevent links with Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcantara from appearing in the gossip columns, but the Premier League champions will not care.

The desire to see a signing walk through the door at Melwood – or at Liverpool’s new training ground in Kirkby, as it will soon be – comes down to one thing.

Fans want to see investments to ensure that the success of the past two seasons is built on – that Liverpool don’t stand still, or even regress.

The club, however, will not be taking chances by spending money they don’t have and have shown in the past that even when the finances are there, he has to be a very specific player to be successful. engage.

But failing to bring a new face to the squad doesn’t necessarily mean Liverpool won’t improve further next season.


(Image: (Andrew Powell / Liverpool FC via Getty Images))


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