Live updates on the coronavirus pandemic


As a parent, Liz Pray accepts the return to school of her 13-year-old son.

As a school nurse, she doubts the Moses Lake School District in central Washington state is ready to meet the challenges of schooling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When the pandemic began, his district and Washington schools donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals, clinics and fire stations, Pray told CNN. Now, with school fast approaching and Washington facing a resurgence of positive cases, it is not sure nurses will have enough PPE for the academic year.

In Florida, Lisa Kern supervises 45 school nurses who work in more than 90 schools in Pasco County, just outside of Tampa. Not only did nurses share time between schools before the pandemic started, Kern says, but now she is concerned about the sustainability of the district’s PPE supply.

“A school typically doesn’t buy large amounts of PPE, so the cost to do so is astronomical,” Kern said. “The federal government must support schools to keep everyone safe. “

As school nurses in the United States prepare for the start of the school year, the National Association of School Nurses says doctors on campus are completely unprepared due to a lack of funding and nurses .

Nurses who spoke to CNN echo this sentiment. They say the safety of children and staff will not be tenable if they are not provided with more PPE and if school districts do not hire more nurses.

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