Lili Reinhart struggled through the ‘Riverdale’ bra scene


Actress Lili Reinhart struggled with body positivity issues when she had to shoot an underwear scene for Riverdale last season.The 24-year-old only had to wear a bra and panties in the much-talked-about scene and admits she was dreading undressing on camera.

“I don’t have the body of the CW girl (from the TV channel) – tiny waist, pretty legs, skinny, tiny, tiny…” she told the Los Angeles Times. “I really didn’t feel safe about it (scene). I really, really didn’t want to do it. I didn’t tell anyone that.

“I didn’t have to do it. I did it because it was my job. But I felt bad about doing it. I really did.

Lili admits her own advocacy for body positivity helped her cross the stage, adding, “I can’t preach body positivity if I don’t practice it. So while I don’t feel amazing in my body, I felt it was important for me to do the scene with my bra and underwear on anyway, so people could see my body as it was.

“I did this for people who feel the need to look a certain way.”


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