Liberals spend millions in local industry to boost PPE supply in Canada


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“We would buy a certain amount of production, and some people could raise your price, and they would get the slot before you do,” he said.

“If we thought our race was going to be the second week of May, in some cases we were made to like the last week of May, and we saw others excluded from the market.”

At one point in April, Ontario was left with less than a week’s supply of N95 masks

Quality was also an issue with masks ordered overseas. Briefing notes show millions of masks failed to meet standards when tested.

Masks from China also tend to be KN95 masks, a similar mask, but meeting Chinese rather than North American standards. Even masks that met standards when tested in Canada have gone unused, according to documents filed with a House of Commons government operations committee. The provincial governments kept the Chinese masks, preferring the N95 standard.

Last year, the government threw away two million N95 masks that were in the national stockpile but had expired.

Guillaume Laverdure, president of Medicom, the company that makes masks for Canada, said N95 is not as simple a product as it sounds.

Medicom’s head office is in Canada, but prior to this contract there was no factory here to make the masks. Laverdure said it was more expensive to manufacture here than in France or some of the other countries where they have facilities.

If I learned one lesson it’s really that you never wanna be a country that can’t build things

He said when the pandemic hit, the demand for the company’s N95 masks increased tenfold or 15. Starting a new production line is not easy, as the masks must be made of material that meets the standards. filtration rates.


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