Liam Neeson was convinced Taken would bomb


It has been almost fifteen years since Liam Neeson began a whole new phase of his career with TAKEN. The action / thriller found Neeson as Bryan Mills, a former CIA agent who set out to stalk his teenage daughter Kim (Grace) and best friend Amanda (Cassidy) after the two girls were abducted by Albanian human traffickers while traveling in France on vacation. The film was a huge hit and spawned two sequels as well as a TV series and led Liam Neeson to take the lead in a handful of other action films.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Neeson said he’s not convinced TAKEN will succeed. ” I have already said it,“Neeson explained,”and without offending Robert Kamen, our wonderful writer and my buddy, but I was like, “Well, that’s going to go straight to the video. A small European thriller, it could play for a few weeks in France and then it will go directly to video. But it worked well in France, then it went straight to South Korea, and it worked really well there.“Neeson continued,”Fox took it and they very cleverly made a good trailer and put it at various sporting events across the country and they made it a real hit. I remember the first weekend he got to # 3, then he came to # 2 then to # 1, then he came down to # 4, and he came back to # 3 again . He just had this extraordinary cycle.“Although Neeson believed TAKEN would be a flop, that didn’t stop him from continuing with the project in the first place.

My dear deceased wife [Natasha Richardson] and I was at a film festival in Shanghai, there was a movie, and [Taken producer] Luc Besson was part of the jury. I had read that script from Taken and approached him there and said, “Look, I’m sure I’m off your cast list for this, but I was a boxer, I love it. doing fight scenes, I’ve done quite a few witchcraft movies with swords and s -. Think of me for that. Push came to push and he offered it to me. And I was obviously a kid in a toy store doing that, hanging out with these stunt guys and working on those fight scenes and gun training – loved it.

Liam Neeson can currently be seen in MADE IN ITALY as a father who travels to Tuscany with his estranged son to restore a crumbling house he inherited from his late wife. The actor also has another action / thriller film on the way starring HONEST THIEF, which is set to hit theaters on. October 9, 2020.


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