Lewis Hamilton reveals effect of COVID lockdown on his F1 career


Lewis Hamilton will start at Silverstone, for the 2020 British Grand Prix, in first place in the drivers’ championship standings. The Mercedes driver has dominated the Formula 1 world for some time now, and early season performance indicates that will continue through 2020.

However, he has yet to sign a new contract with Mercedes that will keep him going beyond this season. Nevertheless, the 6-time world champion is convinced that he will run at least for the next three years.

Speaking to Autosport.com, Hamilton gave fans a glimpse of his future plans. He was also grateful for the lockdown as it gave him the time he needed to recharge his batteries.

According to him, the forced leave will increase his longevity in the sport.

He said, “I would say the COVID lockdown – after the cancellation of the first part of the season – that gave us… it was negative in a lot of ways, but in some ways it gave a lot of life, a lot of energy to focus on certain other things.

“And that little free time was really a bit of a break. It kind of gave me a little renewed energy to go longer. I want to be able to play at the level I’m playing now, forever.

“My goal is therefore to continue to deliver as long as possible. So I see myself last for at least three years.

Lewis Hamilton hopes to return to crowded Silverstone crowd in 2021

The Briton is obviously disappointed to be racing on his national circuit without any fans. He hopes that will not be the case next year.

Hamilton a dit, “First, I don’t think you can guarantee anything, but I plan to be here for sure. So let’s keep our fingers crossed, I’ll be there and we’ll have fans next year.

Having fans on the track is certainly an opportunity for any F1 driver. But in these difficult times, some tough decisions have to be made if the show is to continue.

Nonetheless, Lewis has good morale in the form of his racing record at Silverstone. In the past six years, Hamilton has won 5 of his home Grand Prix, his worst result during that time, a P2 finish in 2018.

With Hamilton installed in his swagger, you surely won’t bet against him to win the British Grand Prix.

SOURCE- Autosport.com


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