Less than a third of Canadians ready to travel without COVID-19 vaccine, new survey finds


Most Canadians and Americans don’t rush to travel anywhere, even in their own country, until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, according to a new online survey.Less than a third of Canadians are ready to take a flight anywhere right now, whether it’s to another continent, to another province or to their own province, according to a survey by Research Co., a Vancouver-based survey.

Only 17% of Canadian respondents were ready to fly to the United States.

Thirty-five percent of Americans say they’re ready to take a flight within the United States, but only 28 percent would go to Canada.

“The appetite to travel before a COVID-19 vaccine is readily available is low in Canada and the United States,” Mario Canseco, president of Research Co., said in a written statement.

“North American residents aged 55 and over, who are generally willing to explore and spend, are particularly reluctant to travel unless vaccination is a reality.

The online survey, conducted July 1-5, surveyed representative samples of 1,000 Canadians and 1,200 Americans.

He asked them their willingness to travel by five different modes of transportation: by train, plane, bus, cruise ship, and ferry.

A comparable margin of error for a probability sample of this size would be +/- 3.1 percentage points for Canada and +/- 2.8 percentage points for the United States.

Ferry transportation was the most popular mode of transportation, with 35% of Canadians saying they would be willing to travel by ferry. In Atlantic Canada and British Columbia, almost half of respondents felt comfortable taking a ferry trip.

Willingness to travel dropped significantly when respondents were asked about the possibility of taking a cruise ship. Only 13 percent of Canadians said yes to a cruise, while one in five Americans was ready to go on a cruise without a vaccine.

There was also a “considerable gender gap” between Americans who took part in the survey, with men saying they were more likely to travel without a vaccine than women.


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