Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid LIVE: Latest Champions League updates tonight


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RB Leipzig will face Atletico Madrid tonight at José Alvalade Stadium in a one-off quarter-final draw for the right to play in the semi-finals of the PSG Champions League next week.

Leipzig is without star striker Timo Werner this season following his sale to Chelsea, but has a coach in Julian Nagelsmann who was waiting for a night like this to hit the big stage.

To do so, they will have to beat one of the tournament favorites who has his own inspiring coach in Diego Simeone and a tough striker in Diego Costa. Follow all the latest information below:

60 ‘- Leipzig 1-0 Atletico

Two half-openings for Leipzig. Angelino spoils his pass to Nkunku first, however, before Olmo cuts a long range shot well off target.

Costa goes down again in the middle of foul calls, but the referee simply ignores him.


56 ‘- Leipzig 1-0 Atletico

Upamecano dribbles again and shoots 25 yards, but it’s a daisy cutter straight to Oblak. Atleti is really starting to feel the pressure here as evidenced by Costa et al who are screaming for fouls on the slightest touch.

Here, however, is the great hope of their return.

ATM sub: Herrera off, Joao Felix on

53 ‘- Leipzig 1-0 Atletico

Atletico are trying to play faster now and to move the bodies forward. Costa still doesn’t get any changes from Upamecano. Atleti really lacks a sharp pass in the final third and pace at the break outside Carrasco. No Correa tonight after testing positive for coronavirus, but Joao Felix is ​​on the bench.


OBJECTIF! – Leipzig 1-0 Atletico

Dani Olmo opens the scoring! Nice blow again on the right channel this time, Poulsen to Kampl, then to Sabitzer… and his cross is met by the header of Dani Olmo on the race and he beats Jan Oblak in the far corner. 1-0 in Leipzig!

48 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Nkunku tries to dribble three players in the area but Atleti does enough to block him. A positive start for Leipzig again in this half.


Current second half – Leipzig 0-0 Atletico


Half time – Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Good half on the ball for the German side, certainly in the middle third of the field, but too often the cross or pass in the channel just before a shot could be fired has failed.

Gulacsi saved one from Carrasco, Oblak made an easy capture of Upamecano.

45 + 3 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Upamecano jumps up to meet a Nkunku corner and heads for the goal – but it’s central and straight to Oblak. Decent luck.

At the other end, Klostermann commits a marginal foul on Carrasco and the Atleti players react as if he had put the winger on two feet with a 10-meter slit.

44 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Leipzig pressing in the final stages. Nkunku, Kampl and Sabitzer seem to be the best bet to open Atletico with their quick one-touch passes, but they lack a bit of a penalty bench presence at the moment with only Poulsen at the center-forward who for all the strengths he brings to the team is not recognized as a clinical predator.

40 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Upamecano absolutely slams Llorente with a perfect tackle. The ball won, the man sent it flying. The Leipzig defender has been impeccable so far.

A little lack of scoring chances in this half, which is partly his fault for being rather good.

38 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Savic is still being taped and bandaged together. Believe the official rule under Simeone is that if you can still walk, you can still play.

Halstenberg has also been put away and the two are expected to be back on the pitch.

34 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Another confrontation, this one more severe. Savic and Halstenberg both go for the ball and there is a huge rally in the air. Head injuries to both by the appearance of this one.

30 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Some challenges to overcome now. Koke and Saul are both arrested, then Olmo is very slightly behind Lodi. Not much contact in the latter, but the ref has words with a few of them.

26 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Saul hits a target far away after another good run from Carrasco. Angelino and Nkunku bond well at the other end, but again the Spaniard’s cross isn’t the best and Oblak catches up easily.

22 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Carrasco is the biggest threat of this first quarter for Atletico, with his rhythm and his dribbling disturbing Leipzig on their right, Atleti on the left.

Leipzig continue to get the full-backs, but the final pass was once again loose from Angelino and Laimar.

18 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

A fantastic building game from Leipzig tonight, but the final pass has been lacking so far. Kampl crushes one over the bar now, but he and Sabitzer, plus Upamecano in depth, have been excellent at avoiding challenges and finding space to pass through.

14 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Carrasco and Renan Lodi tie brilliantly on the left and the Belgian winger cracks on a shot from the nearest post – Gulacsi is on the other side for a corner kick. Good stop, beautiful construction.

From the corner, Saul wants a penalty as he hits the ball before the goalkeeper, but the referee is not interested.

10 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Costa is making a goal now after Lodi’s free kick finds it, but Gulacsi makes a comfortable save on the line.

7 ‘- Leipzig 0-0 Atletico

Atletico have just gained a few first possession spells now. They are happy to go straight, towards Diego Costa, and it already seems to him that Upamecano could be the shock to watch during the 90s.

Match preview

Team news

RB Leipzig will of course be without Timo Werner, having completed his transfer to Chelsea. Emil Forsberg should be fine after tonsillitis.

Atletico could be without Thomas Partey in midfield, while Felipe won’t be in perfect form and therefore likely won’t start at center-back.

The planned line-ups

Leipzig: Gulacsi; Klostermann, Upamecano, Halstenberg; Mukiele, Sabitzer, Kampl, Angelino; Nkunku, Olmo; Fantasy.

Athlete: Oblak; Arias, Savic, Gimenez, Renan Lodi; Correa, Saul, Koke, Carrasco; Llorente; Coast.


Leipzig – 12/5

Draw – 23/10

Athletic – 8/11


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