Lea Thompson Supports Allegations of “Nasty” Behavior on “Ellen Show”


“Back to the Future” star Lea Thompson backed actor Brad Garrett’s claims about “nasty” behavior behind the scenes on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”Last week, Garrett, a six-time guest on the show, said in a tweet that he “knows more than one who has been treated horribly” by the host months after allegations of intimidation and mistreatment behind the scenes have come to light. Garrett said the behavior on set was “common knowledge”.

” True story. It is, “Thompson wrote in a tweet Friday after reports indicated that the show was now under investigation into” the experiences of staff on set “by WarnerMedia, according to the Daily Mail. .

Although DeGeneres, 62, has not been charged with any wrongdoing, employees said they were told not to speak to her if they saw her in the building. A former employee said he was fired after taking a month’s sick leave following a suicide attempt. A black woman said she suffered numerous “micro-attacks” after her request for a raise was ignored, the newspaper reported.

Last week, the TV host sought to blame the toxic environment in an emotional apology to her staff. “As we grew exponentially, I wasn’t able to stay on top of everything and I relied on others to do their jobs because they knew I wanted them to do it. Obviously, some did not. Now that will change and I am committed to making sure that does not happen again, ”she wrote.

But Garrett rejected his claims. “Sorry but that’s from above @TheEllenShow,” he wrote in his tweet.


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