Latest coronavirus: the second wave BEGINS! UK has worst peak in WEEKS after Boris warning | UK | News


On Sunday, 1,040 more people tested positive for the coronavirus and recorded another day where cases swung over 1,000. The new number now brings the total number of UK cases to 317,379 and comes two weeks after Boris Johnson has warned of a second wave of the virus hitting the country in two weeks. The UK also recorded 1,012 more cases on Saturday and was followed by Friday’s total of 1,441 – the biggest single-day increase in two months. With lockdown restrictions largely lifted, the number of cases has started to rise and several areas have been placed under local containment.

While the total number of cases in the UK has started to rise, the number of deaths has remained low.Five more were reported in the past 28 days after recording a positive test on Sunday, bringing the total to 41,366.

Due to the increase in cases, fears of further local lockdowns have grown in several towns in the North and Midlands.

Among 20 cities in Greater Manchester, Lancaashire, West Yorkshire and Leicestershire are on the government’s red list.

Local lockdowns remain in Blackburn with Darwen and Leicester due to infection rates of 77.9 and 56.3 per 100,000 respectively.


7:53 a.m. update: India’s death toll surpasses 50,000

The death toll in the country topped 50,000 after 941 new deaths were reported in the past 24 hours.

India now has the fourth highest death toll behind the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

7:41 am update: Japan suffers worst economic contraction

The country has experienced the worst economic contraction in modern times according to government data.

Between April and June, GDP fell a record 7.8%.

Equivalent to an annual rate, this registers a contraction of 27.8%.

7:24 pm update: fears of a second wave peak

Two weeks after Boris Johnson’s warning of a second wave, UK cases continued to rise across the country.

As of Sunday, 1,040 cases have been recorded in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 317,379.

Saturday’s 1,012 new cases were the biggest increase for the day in eight weeks.

Friday also saw 1,441 more positive cases – the largest in two months.


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