Lakers vs Rockets Score: Live updates as Los Angeles tries to correct offense without LeBron vs Houston, Harden


The Rockets win the 3-point battle almost every night, but that’s ridiculous. On a half, they made 13 3 points. The Lakers didn’t. Part of that is due to Houston’s mathematical devotion to 3-ball and part of LeBron James and Russell Westbrook’s absences, but really, that’s exactly what happens when one team shoots extremely well and the other. team shoots extremely poorly. .This has been the case for the Lakers throughout their tenure at Disney. They have the worst offensive rating of any Orlando team, and while Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma have feasted on 25 combined points largely in the paint, the Lakers won’t get very far if they struggle that much. behind the arch. No cliché is a thing. Only six attempts are another. The Lakers can’t win four series just in the paint. If they don’t fend off their offense, they’ll be ready to come out of the playoffs early.

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