La Liga statement on Lionel Messi confirms what Man City fans tried to say – Simon Bajkowski


There are a number of reasons to be wary of a deal between Manchester City and Lionel Messi.It’s unclear how many millions of pounds it will cost to sign the Barcelona forward amid a dispute in his contract, and even if they were to sign him, there are questions about how that would affect Pep. Guardiola and the city team. Rival teams won’t relish the prospect of the best player in the world improving on a team already established as one of the strongest in the game.

None of this matters to City supporters, who could never have believed in their lives that Messi would want to come to the Etihad for football reasons. For them it’s a dream and unless you’re blinded by partisan loyalty, it’s exciting news for anyone with even a passing interest in the Premier League.

Messi is truly a game changer.

From a business standpoint, signing him would allow the Blues to renegotiate deals because the sponsors are willing to pay more for the global appeal that the Argentine striker brings.

It would also be huge news for the Premier League. In the ongoing battle to be considered the most competitive competition in the world, the English elite can boast of the best coaches in the game, but they have not been able to claim to have the best player in the world for years; Only twice in this millennium have players based here won the Ballon d’Or, and none since 2008.

When La Liga go to the trouble of releasing an initial statement that potentially makes it harder for Messi to leave the division, it confirms what City supporters have done with a potential move.

Lionel Messi at Man City last

While the Blues dream of a transfer, some fans who were previously against returning to the spot before being full again would make an exception to watch Messi in the flesh and he would even have opposition supporters (and disinterested reporters) lining up to catch a glimpse of him off the team bus and into the field. The players too would be eager to test their skills against a player who Guardiola believes is a head and shoulders above anyone in the division.

There are several good reasons why the club and others refuse to get carried away by the prospect of signing Messi, especially after being in a similar position before.

However, this caution and the actions taken by Barcelona, ​​Messi and La Liga – as well as the continued updates on the situation around the world – show how excited City fans must be and why anyone is wrong. head to try. for it to work, you have to share that feeling.


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