LA Alfresco will remain Fresco for the remainder of 2020


Never miss a morning briefing. Subscribe today to receive our AM newsletter to your inbox.Children in Southern California face very different starts to the school year. At LAUSD, students started online courses Thursday, with significant disparities in learning experiences across racial and socioeconomic groups.

Meanwhile, 24 private schools and a public school district in Orange County, as well as a school district in San Bernardino County, were approved to open in person and did so this week.

So what do these discrepancies mean? Well, like most things related to the pandemic, no one really knows. Some parents at LAUSD are considering legal action against the district for what they see as a dismal failure to hold teachers accountable for… well, teaching. But some educators are optimistic this school year will go better than the end of the last.

“If we really understand what our kids need,” Daisy Leon, a teacher at Canoga Park Elementary School, told KPCC. Kyle Stokes, “We can clarify what those needs are.”

Read on to find out more about what’s happening in Los Angeles today.and stay safe there.

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Coming today, August 21

Erick galindo reports for his weekly column on a Bakersfield Radio DJ who became an invaluable resource for the farmworker community during the pandemic, trying to providing essential information to the most essential workers – the people who collect our crops.

The start of the LAUSD school year also means it’s time for around 22,000 young children will begin attending kindergartens, preschools and transition schools in the district programmes. Mariana dale see what to expect and what educators have learned since last spring.

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The last 24 hours in Los Angeles

Police shooting: The Pasadena Police Department released footage of the fatal August 15 shooting by an officer of a passenger who fled the scene of a traffic stop and – according to police – pulled out a gun.

California Kids: Online Classes started at LAUSD, and we heard a teacher talk about what she had learned since the start of the pandemic. Some schools in Orange County and San Bernardino have successfully requested organize in-person lessons, and welcomed the students this week.

Money matters: Immigrants who do not have legal status cannot access the pandemic federal stimulus money or unemployment benefits, so advocates are pinning their hopes on a new bill. Some United States cinemas start to open on the heels of Canadian theaters doing the same. Customers catch Chinese herbal remedies claiming boost immunity or treat fever and other symptoms of Covid-19.

The national scene: The third night of the Democratic National Convention featured LA restaurateur Lien Ta, owner of All Day Baby in Silver Lake and recently closed the doors of Here Looking At You in Koreatown.

Here’s what to do: Get married at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, watch movies at the American Black Film Festival online or the Method Fest, browse the artwork at a music-themed group art show, and more this week best events online and IRL.

Photo of the day

White circles in the grass where elementary students must stand before entering a unified school in the Lucerne Valley in San Bernardino.

(Courtesy of Lucerne Valley Unified)

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