Katie Price dribbles as she bares real bloody teeth in dental clinic graphic clip


Katie Price posted a graphic YouTube video in which she gave viewers an overview of her recent dental procedure.The 42-year-old former glamor model didn’t hold back in her fly-on-the-wall YouTube channel and invited the cameras to watch the bloody proceedings unfold.

On her recent trip to Turkey, Katie and her new beau Carl Woods took a trip to the dental clinic to have a new set of veneers installed.

The procedure involved removing the old veneers before a new pair of sparkling teeth were installed on the Katie’s filed natural grinders.

In the footage, the mother-of-five had her whole mouth numb as the dental specialist worked on her new grids.

The TV star struggled to speak as she sat in the dentist’s chair

Speaking from the dentist’s chair, Katie then told her fans the numbness was “amazing” as she dribbled before adding that she had even fallen asleep at one point.

Although the video is considerably graphic, Katie appeared in a good mood joking about her stocky teeth.

” ‘I feel good. Just numb. I look like something from James Bond. The man with the metal teeth, ”Katie joked.

Katie Price had a new set of veneers installed in Turkey

The former glamor model joked that she looked like a bad Bond

Later in the clip, Katie touched her lips and face before admitting she had no feeling on her face.

Katie had her first set of veneers installed in 2017, but faced complications and decided to do a new set alongside her boyfriend.

The reality TV star certainly had an eventful vacation and it wasn’t long after her veneers were placed that the star suffered a horrific accident where she broke both feet.

Katie’s boyfriend Carl also had veneers installed

Katie broke both feet during the trip to Turkey

Since returning from Turkey with her family, Katie has put on a brave face despite a stern warning from doctors that she could lose a leg.

The TV star is preparing for leg surgery later this week after suffering hairline fractures to both feet.

Katie is also facing a long recovery phase and doctors will be monitoring her injuries after the procedure.

Doctors have warned that she may not be able to walk for up to six months after her accident.

Despite the medical setbacks, Katie still smiles from ear to ear thanks to her new facets.

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