Katie Price chuckles as she spits out veneers before fitted new teeth in spooky clip


Katie Price posted a new YouTube video in which she allowed viewers to see her all new sparkling white veneers being installed.The 42-year-old recently took a vacation to Turkey and during the getaway, she and handsome Carl Woods visited a dentist for a dental repair.

The loving couple invited cameras to watch and Katie shared the gory footage – which showed her spitting out her temporary teeth – on her Friday night YouTube channel.

As the surgically enhanced star sat in the dentist’s chair, she revealed that one of the white caps fell off earlier in the day.

She then spat the false tooth into her hand and presented it to the dentist who was preparing to remove her veneers from her natural teeth – which were filed in stumps – in preparation for the placement of her new veneers.

Katie pulled on the tooth, saying, “So it happened today, it’s already out!” ”

The glamorous model then threw her head back, sneering and saying to the camera, “Hello folks. I am the war of the wounded, but I still have a smile on my face. “

Katie then acted shyly and covered her mouth with a tissue, adding, “Oh you can’t film me, this is so bad!” Is it terrible?

She quickly changed her mind and then happily flashed her stocky teeth as she beamed and said, “No pain, no gain, if you want to get your teeth cut you have to look like this.” ”

Katie had her first set of veneers installed in 2017, but faced complications and decided to do a new set alongside her boyfriend.

The reality TV star certainly had an eventful vacation and it wasn’t long after her veneers were placed that the star suffered a horrific accident where she broke both feet.

Since returning from Turkey with her family, Katie has put on a brave face despite stern warning from doctors that she could lose a leg and be prohibited from getting up before the procedure.

The Harvey Price Hospital Dashboard

The TV star is preparing for leg surgery later this week after suffering hairline fractures to both feet.

Katie is also facing a long recovery phase and medics will be monitoring her injuries after the procedure.

Doctors have warned that she may not be able to walk for up to six months after her accident.

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