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Kate, 38, has revealed she feels a ‘roller coaster’ of emotions during the nationwide lockdown as the Duchess of Cambridge gives a glimpse into royal life at a virtual event. Kate expressed her feelings as she embarked on the unobtrusive task of judging the thousands of extraordinary photos taken during this unprecedented era as part of her digital exhibition.

The mother-of-three said she was “overwhelmed” by the huge response to her photographic project after more than 31,000 stunning images were sent by British audiences.In May, Kate, who is an avid photographer herself, invited people of all ages across the UK to submit a photo they took during the lockdown, and during the six-week opening of the project, a total of 31,598 images were submitted.

The Hold Still photography project launched with the National Portrait Gallery aimed to capture and document “the spirit, mood, hopes, fears and feelings of the nation”.

Speaking via a video link, Kate said, “I was so overwhelmed by the audience’s response to Hold Still.

“The quality of the images was extraordinary, and the touching character and the stories behind the images were equally touching. “

Prince William’s wife was joined by Chief Justice of England Ruth May, Director of the National Portrait Gallery Nicholas Cullinan, writer and poet Lemn Sissay and photographer Maryam Wahid.

Commenting on the photos, Ms May said: ‘I loved going through it, in part because it gives me a little break from the Covid-19 work we have done in the NHS, where our NHS and our staff frontline workers have done a wonderful job. ”

She added: “I found it difficult and sometimes hysterical. When I walked through them, I also had a good old laugh. “

Kate agreed with that and said, “It’s true, it’s like a huge roller coaster, isn’t it, of emotions?

“I guess that’s what everyone’s been through, a reflection of what everyone’s been going through right now. ”

In her attempt to reduce the tens of thousands of entries to just 100, Kate described how each image presented a different experience felt during the health crisis.

The Duchess, who spent the summer in isolation with her family in Norfolk,
said the footage showed “how different and diverse everyone’s experience of COVID-19 is.”

The digital exhibit launches on September 14, with a focus on three themes – helpers and heroes, your new normal, and acts of kindness.

A selection of photographs will also be on display in cities across the UK later this year.

Mr. Cullinan said, “We hope that through this project, we truly capture a portrait of our nation, reflecting our collective and individual experiences during these unprecedented times. “


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