Kate Middleton finds a mask worthy of royalty


One of the most valuable things that celebrities can do right now is stress the need for a mask. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, face masks have been recommended by doctors and health organizations, but in some places people have been slow to adopt the potentially life-saving accessory. In England, the official mandate for masks only came into effect last month. Thankfully, many of its better-known citizens have started to take it to heart, including Kate Middleton. When the Duchess of Cambridge visited Baby Basics’ Sheffield center this afternoon, she did so in a micro-floral-print cotton version from London-based children’s clothing brand Amaia. Covered in Liberty’s multi-color ‘Pepper’ pattern, it paired perfectly with Suzannah’s white silk shirtdress – last seen on her 2019 trip to Wimbledon – and Tabitha Simmons Dela heels.

Photo: Getty Images

On hand to help families in need, Middleton unwrapped donations with other volunteers and spoke with parents who have faced challenges in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout these interactions, she wore the appropriate headgear, becoming the second royal to be spotted in a cloth mask. The Duchess of Cornwall first embraced the concept, and now Middleton’s influence as a fashion icon will certainly encourage others to wear their masks every day. At just £ 15 and 30% of the proceeds going to NHS Charities, the Amaia reusable version is a smart choice that is sure to sell.


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