Kate Garraway reveals hack to sleep better during heatwave


KATE Garraway revealed her hack for getting a better night’s sleep in the heat wave on Good Morning Britain today – but Dr Sarah Jarvis has warned viewers to avoid ‘ice burn’.

Kate and co-host Adil Ray discussed the muggy weather this morning, with weather presenter Laura Tobin revealing that the UK could see record high nighttime temperatures tonight.


Adil Ray and Kate Garraway hosted Good Morning Britain today

Adil asked Kate how she slept on Monday, and she moaned, “Terribly, it was so hot and humid… Everyone is struggling. ”

Revealing how she tried to fight the heat, she added, “I tried to put the whole bed sheet in water, it works a bit but then you get too cold. ”

Adil and Kate then asked viewers to send in their tips on how to stay cool at night, when Dr Sarah issued a warning.

“We don’t want to have a really cold shower. If you take a cool shower and let the water evaporate from your skin… it will certainly help you cool off.

Dr Sarah Jarvis reveals what not to do to stay cool

Sarah continued, “They stole my idea of ​​cold hot water bottles from me, but remember, never put ice directly on your skin as it can cause ice burns.

“But a cool flannel around your neck, and possibly putting sheets in the freezer, without risking burning ice again, can help. ”

Adil left Kate green with envy when he revealed he was air-conditioned – because he was staying in a hotel while hosting GMB.

The Citizen Khan star said: “Try to find a job with ITV and they will put you in an air-conditioned hotel.

Laura Tobin warned there would be another wet start on Wednesday with thunderstorms this week3
Laura Tobin warned there would be another wet start on Wednesday with thunderstorms this week

UK weather forecast – Britain braces for flash floods and hail after two months of rain in four hours

“If you are traveling from Birmingham they are required to put you in a hotel, that’s great. ”

Friday was the hottest August day in 17 years, with the highest temperature recorded at 38.5 ° C at Faversham in Kent on August 10, 2003.

Beach goers are crowded on the coastal roads with queues of over two miles at Bournemouth and Camber Sands, seeing car parks full by midday.


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