Kanye West takes a hit on Taylor Swift as he finds a giant snake on his ranch


Kanye West appeared to take another hit on Taylor Swift as he discovered a giant snake slithering around his Wyoming ranch on Friday.The 43-year-old rap star has a long feud with Taylor, 29, a pop babe – and some fans feel the couple have stepped up their attacks on each other in recent weeks.

Kanye took to Twitter on Friday to reveal he had discovered a giant snake on his ranch – uploading a photo of the reptile picked up with a metal device.

The image showed the snake grabbed by the neck by the device as it made its way through the gravel outside the Star’s Wyoming ranch.

Kanye West appeared to hit his rival Taylor Swift in a Twitter post

Sharing the image online, the star wrote: “I’m not going to use a snake emoji because you know why…”

He added, “I don’t know if Christians are allowed to use snake emoticons.”

Many have taken the update as a reference to his years of arguing with Taylor – with several people responding to the tweet to refer to the Reputation singer, though others have left to defend the young singer.

Fans were convinced Kanye was referring to Taylor Swift with his cryptic message

In 2016, Kanye released a track called Famous in which he referred to the blonde singer a “b *** h”.

When Taylor said the rapper didn’t consult on the word before the song was released, she was called a ‘snake’ by many when Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashians subsequently posted video footage of the two singers. discussing the trail in advance.

The Swift immediately saw their social media feeds bombarded with snake emojis.

She later took issue with the context of the footage shared by Kim – however, she capitalized on her association of “snakes” in 2017 when she released her single Look What You Made Me Do which showed her with snakes in the clip. accompanying video.

Some fans have criticized Taylor for releasing an album by surprise the day many expected Kanye to release his new album.

Tensions between the two have reportedly erupted in recent weeks.

Many Kanye fans expected him to release an album titled Donda on July 24 after weeks of teasing.

However, the plans appeared to be broken when Taylor announced on July 23 that she would be releasing her new album, Folklore, instead.


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