Kanye West posts video with his family from Dominican Republic


I have to come down on Friday.Kanye West posted a video with his children with Kim Kardashian, apparently from the Dominican Republic, where the couple reportedly locked themselves up to work on their marriage.

In the short clip, West, 43, dressed in a hockey jersey, sings what appears to be a clip from Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” before hopping from the golf cart he was riding in and dancing next to it. . Kardashian, who appears to be filming, can be heard laughing in the background. West wears bleached hair in the clip, which many Twitter users have been keen to point out, mirrors the lyrics to the song “Jesus Is King” “On God”: “I’ve bleached my hair for every time I have could have died. ”

Earlier on Friday, People reported that West and Kardashian, 39, ” decided to travel together so that they could be away in private. Le points out that Kardashian is “exhausted,” claiming “Between the kids, work and Kanye’s bipolar episodes, it was difficult for him to think clearly.

The past few weeks have indeed been exhausting in KimYe’s world. Whatever one wants to do with West’s alleged presidential run, his attempts to run for the 2020 election in multiple states followed a strange ‘rally’ in South Carolina and a savage interview with Forbes where he spoke of God, the fictional African nation of Wakanda from “Black Panther” and China.

After spending time at the couple’s ranch, where he received visitors ranging from Justin Bieber to Dave Chappelle, West traveled to a Wyoming hospital after he and Kardashian were seen locked into an intense discussion in a parked car.


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