Kanye West meets Kushner as rapper pursues 2020 election candidacy


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West has been open about his struggle with bipolar disorder and his wife, Kim Kardashian, has asked the public and the media for their compassion.

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West’s appearance as an Independent on the ballot could potentially disrupt the race between Trump, a Republican seeking re-election, and former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden if he was able to collect votes in US states where the contest is near.

The Washington Post reported last week that West’s campaign has so far filed petitions to be featured on the presidential ballot in 10 US states and that Republican agents, including some with ties to Trump, were involved. in efforts to support his candidacy in at least five of them, including Arkansas, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Trump told union radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday that he had not spoken with West about the artist’s campaign. Representatives of Trump’s campaign could not be contacted immediately, but told the Post they were not involved.

West, 43, one of the president’s biggest celebrities and most prominent black supporters, met Trump in the 2016 presidential race and again in 2018 in the White House wearing a red “Make America Great” cap . Last month he told Forbes he was “taking off the red hat.”

Trump told Fox News last month that West “cannot” give up his support, adding, “He will always be for us.


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