Kangana Ranaut announces her Twitter entry: people took advantage of my absence from social media



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                Kangana Ranaut s'est rendue sur Twitter pour révéler son entrée sur les réseaux sociaux en partageant une vidéo d'elle-même.  L'actrice de 33 ans a raconté comment les gens avaient profité de son absence des réseaux sociaux.

Kangana Ranaut announces her Twitter entry: people took advantage of my absence from social media


Kangana Ranaut a toujours été très vocale sur les problèmes qui lui tiennent à cœur. le Panga La star n'a toujours été aucun filtre attaché comme en témoignent ses récentes déclarations concernant le cas de mort de Sushant Singh Rajput. Par conséquent, Ranaut a décidé de devenir une présence plus importante sur les médias sociaux pour l'utiliser comme un outil pour faire connaître son point de vue sur les problèmes sociaux et injustes. S'adressant à Twitter, Kangana a tweeté une vidéo d'elle-même annonçant son entrée sur les réseaux sociaux tout en avouant pourquoi elle avait pris la décision de le faire.

The 33-year-old actress began by acknowledging how much she had been in the industry for about 15 years and counting while being pressured numerous times to join social media like other celebrities. Ranaut noted that advertising agencies and brands are aware that there were several instances where she had crores agreeing with a clause; join social media. However, she let them go. Kangana also shared how she was labeled a chudail with crooked legs and that people took advantage of her absence from social media. However, Ranaut still hasn’t come to social media as she never felt that distance from her audience while also sharing that if she had something to say, why should she do it in a rudimentary way.

Kangana thinks that through her films she has raised awareness of women’s issues and nationalism and wanted to convey these points in an artistic way because she is an artist. This was the actress’ initial point of view. But that changed in 2020 when she got to see the power of social media. The actress saw how the nation came together to fight for Sushant Singh Rajput while still managing to do so. Through this movement, Ranaut hopes that we can now raise our voices on the reforms of New India. This is why Kangana took to Twitter for the first time admitting that she was so horny.

Ranaut wishes her fans the best and looks forward to this trip where she will meet many amazing people. For Kangana, it’s the start of a new relationship and she can’t wait to have a good time on Twitter. Ranaut signed with a namaste.

Check out Kangana Ranaut’s tweet about her Twitter entry below:

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