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It’s all about me tonight. Thank you very much for following and we’ll see what this resourceful young Lyon team can do on neutral ground in a week. Good night.


Lyon will now face Manchester City next week in Lisbon. If you don’t already know, City have passed Real Madrid after some screams from Raphael Varane.


“Really embarrassing performance from Juventus,” says Karen Carney on BT Sport. As is often the case, in the end only Cristiano Ronaldo seemed capable of winning the Juventus game tonight. With the possible exception of Alex Sandro, much of what Juventus produced today was uninspiring and dark. Other questions to ask Maurizio Sarri.


There may not be an atmosphere, but the emotions remain. Paulo Dybala is currently in tears in the crowd.


Full time: Juventus 2-1 Lyon (2-2 agr. Lyon advance.)

Lyon eliminates Juventus! An incredible effort from Lyon for its second month of competition in five months.


90 min + 4 De Ligt now plays as a forward as he concedes a free kick on the edge of Lyon’s penalty area. These are desperate times for the home team.


90 min + 3 Ronaldo’s free kick flies into the wall and is deflected for a corner. The Lyon players celebrated as if it was a goal in itself before clearing the corner. There are three minutes left …


90 min + 2. Gonzalo Higuain didn’t do much tonight but he just held the ball very well on the edge of the area to land a free kick for Ronaldo in a very good position …


90 min That’s it. 6 minutes of extra time separate Lyon from a place in the neighborhoods.


88 min. Admirably, Lyon did not only park their men behind the ball. They are still trying to finish on their terms but as they were chasing another goal they were almost caught at the break. A cynical foul by Marçal on a Ramsey counterattacker earned him a yellow card, tonight’s ninth.




81 min It’s hard not to expect another big moment from Ronaldo before it’s all over. It almost came after a great run from Sandro, who found Rabiot before the ball rolled over to Ronaldo. The Portuguese took a few touches and then put his foot in the ball, but Anderson found a good block to deny it.


78 min Drama! A bit of a mess from Szczesny, who flew out of his line to hit the ball and completely missed the ball. As his former Arsenal teammate Ramsey tried to clear the ball, the Welshman also cut off Dembele who fell and demanded a penalty. After a break for VAR, this one was not rightly given.


76 min Luck! Dybala is already making his mark in his game with a nice combination of play, instantly speeding up Juventus’ passes. After Juventus win a corner, the Argentine then whips the corner straight to Ronaldo’s forehead. Surprisingly, Ronaldo sent the header free just over the bar. You would have really expected him to score there.


72 min After the second drink break, Paulo Dybala is finally on. He replaces Bernardeschi. Cuadrado also made way for Danilo.


70 min Ronaldo is purring right now. He just messed up Dubois on the left before whipping up an excellent cross to Higuain. Of course, Higuain has been a disaster so far today so he’s sent his head way over the bar. He really should have hit at least the target.


66 min Some substitutions for the exterior side. Former Arsenal player Jeff Reine-Adelaide replaces Karl Toko-Ekambi and Moussa Dembele, Lyon’s top scorer, finally comes to replace Memphis Depay.


62 min After all the discussion about sanctions, there can be no doubt about the competence and conviction behind this strike. Meanwhile, Aaron Ramsey has replaced Pjanic. Juventus will pursue this essential goal and you wonder how long Lyon can hold out with so few games in the team’s legs.


GOAL! Juventus 2-1 Lyon (2-2 agg. Ronaldo 60)



57 min It’s Lyon’s time for an excellent period of possession, also mainly on their left flank. The ball rolls towards the young Bruno Guimarães who shoots from a distance just above the bar.


54 min Juventus started the second half well with sufficient possession and they are moving the ball at a decent pace through the lines of Lyon. Alex Sandro was particularly a good outlet on the left flank. However, this attack came to nothing as Lopes recovers a punch center from Cuadrado.


52 min Anthony Lopes has a strong game in front of goals for Lyon. This time, Pjanic whipped out a free kick from the left flank, which Lopes confidently met with two fists to send him out of harm’s way.


50 min A spectacular pass from Cuadrado, who succeeded, aimed at Sandro on the other flank, but his pass dodged the closest player by about 10 yards and he came out for a throw-in. Meanwhile, Aaron Ramsey and Moussa Dembele both warm up on the sidelines.


47 min Ronaldo goes down to the edge of the area, but this time he doesn’t even protest. Looks like he picked up the ball and was ready to shoot, only for his foot to collide with Caqueret, knocking him down.






Some very big decisions to come for Maurizio Sarri in Turin. The biggest obvious question of all is when will Paulo Dybala enter?


Half-time: Juventus 1-1 Lyon (1-2 agg.)

A game of two penalties so far and a fairly good response from Juventus after the early goal.



45 min Four minutes of extra time now and we’re already halfway there. This game is very well placed.


45 min Admirably, Lyon responded to the goal by returning to the attack. Once again, they find most of their joy on the left and Houssem Aouar particularly makes a decent match. This time, Lyon won a free kick on the left after a foul on Cornet, but Bonucci cleared with a firm header.


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