Julie Chen Moonves did not want to know the names of the last star cast


Fans don’t have to wait much longer for the cast of Big brother 22 to be revealed. Julie Chen Moonves spoke about the upcoming season and how the COVID-19 testing process has taken a look at the all-star cast.

«  Big Brother 22  » sera un casting de stars

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Fans have wanted an all-star season for some time now. They finally understood.

The season kicks off on August 5, when the cast will also be revealed. It was reported that security measures would be taken due to the pandemic.

The cast will be tested before they move in, then they will continue the weekly testing. The crew will also have no contact with the cast, wear protection and be examined daily.

There have been rumors around the casting

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There are a lot of rumors about who will be cast. Hayden Moss Winners (BB12), Ian Terry (BB14), Nicole Franzel (BB18), Josh Martinez (BB19) and Kaycee Clark (BB20) would come back for another shot at the price.

However, no one has confirmed the final cast. There are also other elders who have come forward to confirm that they will not be returning.

James Last the BB17 says he declined an invitation. Paul Abrahamian from BB18 and BB19 gave his honest reason for not trying again.

“The whole experience comes with a great deal of emotional and mental stress,” he tweeted. “I don’t think moving from one stressful 40 to another is a good idea. I miss life and I miss real human interaction. I can’t and I don’t want to abandon my family during these difficult times, that would be irresponsible of me. Both of my parents need surgery.

BB10 winner Dan Gheesling and BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur is also on the list of those who will not return. The list of confirmations of who will not return is long but who will return? The host unfortunately cannot help with this answer.

She doesn’t know who is in the final cast

Host Julie Chen Moonves at the 22 BIG BROTHER Premiere | Monty Brinton / CBS via Getty Images

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The host spoke to CBSN Los Angeles about the upcoming season on August 4. It looks like casting for this season is more difficult given the information from COVID-19 testing.

“I don’t even know all 16 confirmed guests,” she says. “I know it’s eight women and eight men, stars we all know from seasons past.”

She has already said that people who she believes will be part of the season have not done so due to testing positive. The host also claimed that she didn’t want to know the names yet, “I said, ‘Don’t even tell me, I might slip [up]”. I mean, I know some of the most likely names, but I don’t want to know all the names until I’m done talking to you.

It looks like this season’s cast won’t just come as a surprise to fans. Moonves kept the names as a surprise to her for as long as possible before making the big announcement.


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