Jose Ramirez makes decision on Viktor Postol and waits for Taylor


Jose Ramirez didn’t have an easy time with Viktor Postol tonight in Las Vegas, but came away with a strong majority-winning decision, retaining his WBC and WBO junior welterweight titles and setting up a potential undisputed title fight. with Josh Taylor.

Ramirez (26-0, 17 KOs) struggled with Postol’s style (31-3, 12 KOs), but everyone does, really, including Taylor and Terence Crawford in Postol’s previous losses. Postol came closer to the cards here against Ramirez – the scores were 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 for Ramirez – than against Taylor and Crawford, but the overall course of the fights was pretty similar.

Ramirez, 28, wanted to be the aggressor, but the technically strong Postol gave him problems behind the jab at times, which wasn’t hard to see happen. But the 36-year-old Postol was also clearly injured on several occasions, and Ramirez did just enough in the end.

Bad Left Hook had 114-114 and 115-113 Ramirez on two separate cards.

Ramirez admitted that the fighting in front of an empty room and having a long camp for this fight – which was called off twice and was originally scheduled to take place in February – affected him.

“I guess I work outside of the crowd, a bigger spark and motivation than me,” he said. “I felt like I was in a training session. But we live and learn. I’m just glad I got the win. And it’s been a long training camp, I was a bit mentally exhausted too.

As for taking on WBA / IBF titleholder Taylor (16-0, 12 KOs) in the near future, Ramirez admits he needs to be better, but also believes he can definitely be.

“I have to go back to what I do best, to be myself. I think I can show more, ”he told Bernardo Osuna. “When I meet Josh Taylor, I’ll show it.”

And Ramirez also said that if it was to fight in the United States without fans or possibly go to the United Kingdom to fight Taylor with fans, he would choose to go to the United Kingdom, claiming that he thought the fight deserved a crowd.

Of note, there were only four undisputed champions in all of men’s boxing during the four-belt era: Bernard Hopkins and Jermain Taylor at middleweight, Terence Crawford at junior welterweight and Oleksandr Usyk at junior welterweight. cruiser weight. So yeah, that would be a big fight.

Taylor is currently set to return to battle on September 26 against Apinun Khongsong.

Other results

  • Arnold Barboza Jr UD-10 Tony Luis: Barboza remains undefeated, improving to 24-0 (10 KOs), but at 28 it’s really time for him to fight some serious contenders and not guys at the level of Tony Luis and William Silva. The scores were 99-90 across the board here, with just one point deducted, preventing it from a really clean sweep on all three cards. Luis (29-4, 10 KOs) has been a solid little fighter in his career, but he was woefully out of depth with Barboza, who has solid skills and is just on the cusp of the top 10-140.
  • Elvis Rodriguez KO-3 Cody Wilson: Wilson (9-3, 6 KOs) came from West Virginia, where boxing is… well, but he put in the effort here and had more skills than you could have imagined coming. But Rodriguez (9-0-1, 9 KOs) was just too quick, too skillful, too strong, and he bombarded Wilson with a shot for about a minute in the third round. He grabbed it and that was it. The current prospect of Freddie Roach’s price continues to impress those who log on early to see it, and it’s a legitimate high-profile prospect at 140.
  • Raymond Muratalla TKO-7 Cesar Valenzuela: Above all, 23-year-old lightweight Muratalla (10-0, 8 KOs) looked really good here, fighting with calm, control and confidence, but had to leave the canvas in the second round on a legitimate knockdown. But he also dropped Valenzuela (15-7-1, 5 KOs) in the first, and injured him several times from the third round. It was a very good performance from a promising young fighter, but also a good effort from 30-year-old Valenzuela.
  • Gabriel Muratalla UD-4 Justice Bland: Muratalla, 26, goes 5-0 (3 KOs) with a clear win, although he was dropped in the first by Bland, who drops to 2-1 (0 KOs). Muratalla, a bantamweight prospect, was down in that opening round but Bland then landed a late shot to the head which cost Bland a point. Muratalla then did the best job and won the next three rounds. The fight was easy enough to score and the judges got it right, scoring 38-36 in all areas for Muratalla.
  • Javier Martinez UD-6 Rance Ward: I didn’t see that fight, as we watched PBC prelims and then dealt with FOX Chicago decided not to air the PBC main card tonight. But Martinez is now 2-0 (0 KO), while Ward drops to 4-2-1 (2 KO).


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