Jon Moxley says Vince McMahon is WWE’s problem, why he hates scripts, more


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AEW superstar Jon Moxley was a big deal in WWE as Dean Ambrose and recently joined Wresting Observer Radio to talk about his past issues with WWE. Check out the highlights of his conversation below.

Why Vince McMahon is WWE’s Biggest Problem:

The biggest problem? It’s one person, three letters. VKM. Until he leaves or gives up control, that won’t change. When I watched the show during the pandemic era, I just said to myself, ‘Oh thank you my God, I’m not here’. What would I be doing on the show right now? Can you imagine Do you think it would be good? I really don’t want to belittle them or anything, but not all LED cards and the ThunderDome will solve their problems.

Why he hates pro wrestling scripts:

I can’t stand this concept of this writer writing words for me. I hate that. It makes me climb the wall. It makes me physically nauseous. I said “I want to prove their path sucks. In AEW, do you know how many writers we have? Zero. Zero writer. It is an unnecessary step between the promotion and the booker. The format for AEW – if I have a promo – it says promo Jon Moxley, two minutes or whatever it’s gonna be. That’s all he says. There are not 47 pages of dialogue. If I have a promo, here’s how it works – I think about what I mean and I say it.

Why he still wants WWE to be a successful product:

I want WWE to be awesome. Honestly, when WWE sucks, at this point I’m not that excited about it like “Haha you suck”. It pisses me off a bit. Because they are the number one brand in sports – they represent sports to a lot of people. And when that product is embarrassing to look at, wrestling looks bad. You are evacuating the fans who might be WWE and AEW fans. I want wrestling all over the world to be great. The hotter it is, the better it is for everyone.

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