Johan Feder from France is a multi-talented artist who has successfully demonstrated his skills


The world has seen several rare gems that disrupt not only one genre but many others simultaneously, proving their excellence to the world with what they can do and achieve. The Frenchman Johan Feder is one of those rare gems in the business and art world.This young French artist, born in November 1995, can be described as a young, multi-talented individual who has successfully demonstrated his prowess not only as an actor, singer, songwriter, but also as a digital entrepreneur. The world of entertainment, especially the field of music, has given birth to many talented artists and with it has given great musical works and songs to audiences all over the world. Feder has also been a key player in contributing to the entertainment industry with his many talents.

Feder had an affinity for music since he was only 10 years old and motivated himself to play the piano. Over the years, excelling at the piano, Feder at 17 sought to explore and learn many other musical instruments. This made him start to learn the guitar. As a child, he was always shy and loved to play his tunes and music for himself. From the start, Feder was also very good at working with computers.

With a better knowledge of music and a passion for the same, after graduating from high school, Feder quit his studies and continued to learn things that interested him. In three months he then learned how to develop websites which led him to start his own business.

Soon Feder became a web designer and founder and owner of his digital agency. His company is way ahead of others in the industry with iOS development, marketing, 3D animation, web design, and more. Feder even realized his affiliation with the art world and for this he went to Paris for two years to study theater. As a musical artist, her current album is set for release in September.

“Shipwrecked”, his latest single is gaining momentum with each passing day and has become a record success that makes listeners feel many emotions and touches the deepest chords of their hearts.

Traveling, scuba diving, skydiving, wakeboarding and motorcycling are some of Feder’s hobbies and those that, aside from his music and business, give him another high.


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