Joe Biden buries the hatchet, seeks to bring in Kamala Harris as running mate


Joe Biden’s supporters received an urgent message from his campaign email address on Friday night. But it was not from the Democratic presidential candidate. It was from Kamala Harris.Underneath a photo of herself, the California senator wrote: “I know Joe’s heart, and have seen with my own eyes his compassion and dedication to public service. He will be a president for all of us, and I am giving all I have to help him succeed this year.

It was a further signal, if one was needed, that Ms Harris, 55, is now a favorite to become Mr Biden’s vice president. He said he would make a decision next week. But the message was also clearly aimed at defusing a vicious behind-the-scenes battle that has come to a head in recent days.

With so much at stake, the knives are out for Ms. Harris in the Democratic Party. Anonymous briefings, some from people on Mr Biden, 77’s own camp, have attempted to portray her as disloyal, ruthlessly ambitious, opportunistic, untrustworthy and determined to become president herself.

As one Democratic donor put it: “She would run for president on election day. [Biden] inauguration. For me loyalty and friendship have to mean something.

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