Jihoon asks parents to keep Deavan, too much for fans


TLC 90 day fiancé documents couples who pursue an international romantic relationship. But it’s not always easy when your personal life is broadcast on TV. Fans of the show have a lot to say about the way relationships are run and don’t hesitate to share their opinion. Jihoon and Deavan, a couple featured on 90 day fiancé: the other way, discovered this when viewers took to Twitter to discuss a recent fight between the two.

Jihoon Lee et Deavan Clegg | TLC

Jihoon and Deavan have established a long distance connection

American Deavan and her South Korean husband Jihoon first established their romantic relationship remotely through a dating app. They spoke every day for three months and had an incredibly strong bond. So, Jihoon planned to travel to Utah to meet Deavan in person.

On their first night together, even though they depended on translation apps to communicate, sparks flew. The lovers ended up conceiving a child. They learned the happy news the same day Jihoon was due to return to South Korea. After passing six pregnancy tests to confirm the results, the couple begin to make plans for their future.

Jihoon and Deavan got married and welcomed their son, Taeyang, into the world. But it was not all easy for the new family. Jihoon’s parents weren’t happy with the speed at which the relationship was progressing, especially their rapid pregnancy.

But eventually, they accepted Deavan and even welcomed her into their home. She moved to South Korea with their new baby and daughter, Drascilla, from a previous relationship. Jihoon, Deavan and the children currently live with his parents in the spare bedroom.

Jihoon and Deavan face financial hardship in South Korea

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The new family has moved to South Korea, but not everything goes as planned. On the last episode of 90 day fiancé: the other way, viewers saw Jihoon telling his new wife to “return to America.”

The argument began after Deavan called Jihoon in front of his parents for not having his finances together. She accused him of lying about his financial situation before making the decision to move to South Korea.

Deavan ended up leaving that night to stay in a hotel. But after their emotions calmed down, the couple met again to discuss the situation. Jihoon even asked his parents to come, hoping they would convince Deavan to stay in South Korea.

Jihoon asks parents to keep Deavan, too much for fans

Viewers couldn’t believe the way Jihoon handled the situation and the pressure he put on his parents. “Jihoon is trying to convince his parents to make Deavan stay,” one fan wrote on Twitter with a laughing emoji.

In fact, Twitter was filled with fans who seemed to be applauding Jihoon’s dad, believing he was trying to do the right thing. “Jihoon’s dad is more active than him,” tweeted one viewer. “Jihoon’s father is the kindest and always does his best to make Deavan feel welcomed and at ease. He’s ethereal, ”wrote another.

But fans weren’t so impressed with Jihoon’s mother. “Her father is incredibly warm and gentle. His mother on the other hand is ridiculous, ”replied one person. ” Okay! Another fan wrote. “The mother is so b ** ch! And Jihoon too!

Jihoon’s mother drew a lot of hatred because she seemed to support her son’s immature actions, while the father acknowledged where Jihoon should have intervened for Deavan.

In the end, Deavan decided to give her husband another chance, according to ET, for the sake of their baby. But she warned Jihoon, “In a month, if you haven’t changed, I’ll go back to America and bring the kids back with me,” she said.


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