Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle’s former best friend, in “the worst condition” since the fallout


Meghan Markle’s former best friend Jessica Mulroney broke her silence to say she was “in the worst condition” after a racist backlash.The 40-year-old Canadian stylist has been accused of ‘abusing her white privilege’ during an argument on social media, which prompted the Duchess of Sussex to sever ties with her despite a previously close relationship.

Jessica has kept a low profile since that incident, but returned to Instagram on Tuesday to celebrate her twins, Brian and John, who are 10 years old.

She shared a video of her husband Ben carrying their birthday cake to their Toronto backyard before adding an emotional message about how she was affected by the negative reactions to her comments during an argument with the black influencer Sasha Exeter.

Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle were best friends before her social media reaction

She captioned the video, “Happy 10th to my twin babies. My amazing family must have seen mom in the worst shape.

“These two boys did not leave my side and gave me the will to live and work hard when it all fell apart. They deserve the best birthday. Only from here. ”

Jessica received a warm welcome on social media with supporters saying they were happy she came back from her misjudgment.

Jessica Mulroney took a two-month hiatus from social media

One follower commented, “You made a bad judgment. But you are human. We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, yours costs you more than it costs most people in your industry.

“A lot of people know that you are sorry and you cannot keep fighting. You have to move on. You have 4 people cheering you on at home.

“You can and you will rebuild yourself from the person you are today. You are a good person. Keep your head up. It will get better, I promise @jessicamulroney.

A source told The Sun that was the reaction Jessica was hoping for when she returned to the public eye.

They told the publication: “As soon as she posted this, people immediately started talking to each other in the media and in society circles, here in Canada – and beyond – which, let’s face it. , was probably exactly the reaction she wanted. “

Jessica and Meghan were very close

It has not gone unnoticed that her return to social media has coincided with the release of Finding Freedom, a biography of Meghan and Harry’s journey out of the royal family.

After the initial joke, Jessica quickly found herself subjected to trolls as the mood started to turn unpleasant, which prompted her to fight back in the comments.

After it was pointed out that Meghan had “dumped” her over the initial backlash, Jessica hit back, writing, “Fake news. Just stop. ”

Jessica had caused the fallout when she was offended that Sasha Exeter was sharing a “call to action” for her followers to use their profiles to promote Black Lives Matter.

Meghan Markle cut ties with Jessica Mulroney over backlash against ‘white privilege’

Jessica believed this was meant for her and got embroiled in a public argument, in which she took private messages to threaten Sasha: “Responsible suit, good luck [sic]. «

Jessica later apologized for her behavior, but that was not enough to prevent her from being banned from the “I do, redo” bridal show, with Canadian CTV bosses saying her comments went to against their “commitment to diversity and equality”.

She was also fired from her role on ABC’s Good Morning America as Meghan was “mortified and heartbroken” by her friends’ misjudgment.

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