Jenson Button’s hilarious advice to Sebastian Vettel ahead of the 70th anniversary Grand Prix


Ferrari F1 struggled all weekend to prepare for the 70th anniversary Grand Prix. While the two pilots seemed far from comfortable in their respective cockpits, Sebastian Vettel faced much worse than his teammate Charles Leclerc.It’s almost as if Ferrari forgot that they have two drivers and as such didn’t take over Vettel’s car at all. His frustrations from the practice sessions spread to qualifying and as a result, the German will start the race in P11.

However, Vettel’s car isn’t the only thing with a Ferrari badge that isn’t well designed. What seems to be worse is their face mask. In many interviews so far, Vettel’s face mask has slipped under his nose like it’s nobody’s business. This trend was even evident in today’s pre-race talks.

Vettel continued to have to put his mask back on as he answered questions from former F1 world champion Jenson Button. After concluding his interview with Vettel, Button made a hilarious comment about his mask. Button advised Seb to “ Get another mask!“Something Vettel could happily do, especially if it also meant changing teams.

Sebastian Vettel reveals his car is feeling better than last weekend, but admits pace is still missing

« The feeling in the car was better this week. But, yes, the pace was not. I think, on the one hand, it’s good news for the last week that we are able to overcome the lack of feeling and put things together. But obviously, at the moment, putting it together seems like a big split between Charles and me. I’m not sure why, but I have to do my best. “ Said the four-time world champion to Jenson Button.

Vettel admitted it will be difficult for him this weekend. He will have to fight very hard for a point finish. He might need a little luck to follow his path, as it did last weekend. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality for Vettel. As if the SF1000 isn’t bad enough on its own, Vettel’s, in particular, looks even worse. It could be a very long season ahead for Vettel, he will just have to participate in every race in the hope of a miracle.

Source: – Formula1


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