Jennifer Garner bursts into tears after finishing “The Office”


Wearing a Dunder Mifflin t-shirt, she took to Instagram to say that after watching one episode a day, she and her kids have completed all nine seasons of the show. The finale brought her to tears.Garner recounted a video of herself crying, saying, “You’ll never guess what show my kids and I watched one episode a quarantine day and guess what? We finished it, and guess what? It gave me very great feelings.

“Look, who needed a loud scream and maybe a shower would have been helpful, but it’s just nice to know that you can still feel so passionate about something, right?” she added. ” So thanks. If you’ve heard of “The Office” series before, you should try it. That’s wonderful. ”

Garner wrote alongside the video, “My kids and I spent months huddled together on the couch making our way through ‘How To Be A Grown Up’ aka #TheOffice. Apparently we’re sensitive people – the final hit us pretty hard. When I realized I had accidentally shot my farewell testimony in slow motion, I realized: your Monday might need it, too. ”

She also signed up using one of the show’s famous lines, “Bears.” Beets. Battlestar Galactica. “


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