Jeffrey Epstein case: Virgin Islands Attorney General to subpoena billionaire investor


The attorney general’s lawsuit filed against Epstein’s estate in January lists 22 counts, including aggravated rape, child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, forced labor and prostitution.

Black is not a named party in the lawsuit.

Full subpoenas filed last Thursday in the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands ask for financial transactions and communications between Black and several of his named entities with Epstein, one of his known entities and any agent on behalf of Epstein between 1998 and today.

The subpoenas also request tax returns and financial statements for several Black holdings, including Black Family Partners, LP and Elysium Management, LLC during the same time period.

CNN has reached out to Black’s representation for comment. CNN has also reached out to prosecutors and representatives for Epstein’s estate for comment.

A spokesperson for Apollo Global Management told CNN: “Apollo never did business with Mr. Epstein at any time. ”

Summons to appear require a response within 30 days, according to court documents.

Black was linked to anonymous donations to MIT linked to Epstein in a 2019 investigation.

Black is currently listed as President of the Museum of Modern Art and Administrator of Mt. Sinai Hospital, none of which is mentioned in subpoenas.

CNN’s Cristina Alesci contributed to this report.


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