Jays win Taijuan Walker squad debut


Orioles 0 Blue Jays 5

The Orioles have gone out of their way to make us feel better about defending our team tonight. They had 2 official errors, a few errors without errors and a wild throw on a strikeout to allow Randal Grichuk to reach.

Taijuan Walker looked really good on his first start for the Jays. He walked more hitters than I expected, 3 in 6 innings, but didn’t give up a run. He allowed 4 hits (3 singles and a double) and 4 strikeouts. He did not give up any hard contact. He came out after 6 innings and 92 shots, complaining a lot on Twitter, but, with ten days since his last start and a 5-point lead, why push him.

Ryan Borucki, AJ Ccle and Wilmer Font each pitched a scoreless inning, allowing 1 base between them.

Our first shutout of the season, 31 games in.

In attack, we have done enough. 9 hits, all singles except one double from Joe Panik. Biggio, Teoscar and Vlad landed 2 hits each. Biggio also hit on a hit by the ball (although I personally don’t believe that a ball grazing part of the uniform should count as a batter. You would have to bruise to get first base).

We have marked:

2 in the first: With two outs, Rowdy Tellez walked (his first of two walks today), Teoscar Hernandez made a single and he and Rowdy climbed one base when Anthony Santander kicked the ball. The two scored on a Vladimir Guerrero rocket on the left wall of the field. 116 MPH from the start.

3 to fourth: Vlad hit his second single of the game and Travis Shaw hit a hard ground ball that went through second base Hanser Alberto, I thought that could have been a mistake. Derek Fisher hit a double play ball, but Alberto dropped the pitch in the second. The refs decided he let him down on the transfer, but I thought he never really managed to catch up. Joe Panik doubled up to the right wall to score one. Most of us thought Fisher should have been again to score in Game 1, but he didn’t need to as Cavan Biggio picked him and Panik at home.

Jay of the day: Walker (.265 WPA) and Vlad (.164). The Orioles defense also deserves a JoD.

No sucking Jays.

29 of us compiled 589 comments today. DangYouToHeck led us to a drama-free victory.


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