Jays win at Grichuk circuit


Orioles 4 Blue Jays 5 (10 manches)

With the Orioles scoring at the top of tenth, we needed one point to tie, two to win, bottom of tenth. Reese McGuire was the second runner, and couldn’t be run as we hit Danny Jansen earlier. Joe Panik made a decay attempt and Cavan Biggio lined up. It looked pretty dark. Then:

I didn’t think it was over until the O’s center-back climbed the wall trying to make the capture.

We had a great start from Hyun Jin Ryu. 6 innings, 8 hits (really 7 but we’ll come back to that), 1 walk and 7 strikeouts. He’s had a few double plays behind him.

He gave up 2 points in the sixth, but it wasn’t his fault. After a single and an out, Jose Iglesias made a single to the left, Lourdes had some problems in the outfield, spinning and digging a big divot, then he threw the ball to, well not the cutoff man, not the second baseman, not the third baseman. Somewhere near the middle of the diamond allowing the batter to move up to second. Right after Buck and Pat said how much of the “bad play” we saw earlier in the season has gone.

A walk and a strikeout, a soft hit to the ground for Travis Shaw but Shaw bounced him first and Vladimir Guerrero didn’t dig him up. Both runners scored. Originally ruled an error, it was changed to one shot, but how you calculate the score of two points on a field shot, I don’t know.

Thomas Hatch threw a nice quick seventh.

Jordan Romano gave up a draw in the eighth. Halfway through the next at bat, he came out of play with a finger injury.

Anthony Bass came in with 1 strike and completed the out on the out. He made the ninth with the help of 2 caught flying by Danny Jansen.

Rafael Dolis came in tenth, with the runner second. After a sack bunt the Jays shot the infield, Hanser Alberto made a short center jump, but with the infield and outfield back he fell and we lost 4-3. A theft and a withdrawal got us out of the sleeve.

We scored 2 in the fourth. Vlad and Teoscar Hernandez went back to back. And 1 in the sixth, Vlad doubled, Teoscar walked. Vlad went to third place on a double play from Lourdes Gurriel and scored on wild ground.

We only had 7 hits overnight. Vlad was the only Jay with 2 hits, homerun and doubles. Biggio walked to maintain his base streak at 20 games.

Danny Jansen caught 3 thefts (well, I guess 2, one was just called a put out). Danny couldn’t make a decent second-place throw at all earlier in the season.

Jay of the day: Grichuk (.839 WPA), Vlad (.269), Bass (.174), Hatch (.099) et Ryu (.095).

Suckage: Gurriel (-.226, plus the bad throw), Panik (-.117) and Romano (-.149). Dolis also had a negative number, but that’s because FanGraphs doesn’t know how to deal with the runner in second.

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