Japanese Cabinet Ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine


Mr Koizumi told reporters on Saturday that his ministry would send a team of specialists to investigate the damage in Mauritius. According to the Reuters news agency, he described the oil spill as a serious crisis that could lead to biodiversity loss.

Mr Abe, who recently postponed his public appearances, sent a ritual cash offering to Yasukuni on Saturday, along with flowers to be placed in a cemetery near the shrine.

Speaking at a ceremony in Tokyo commemorating the end of the war, Abe said: “Under the banner of proactive pacifism, holding the hand of the international community, we are determined to play a more to solve various challenges. ”

Emperor Naruhito, appearing with his wife, Empress Masako, also addressed the ceremony, expressing “feelings of deep remorse” for the war.

Using these words, he continued a tradition started by his father, Akihito, who abdicated last year. Akihito added the phrase to his annual remarks in 2015, after Mr Abe passed legislation that opened the door to letting the Japanese military fight in foreign conflicts.

Hisako Ueno contributed reporting from Tokyo and Choe Sang-Hun from Seoul, South Korea.


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