Janelle Hate is real, “I just wanna punch myself in the face”


Par John Powell – GlobalTV.com

With such a mix of personalities thrown into the pressure cooker environment that is Big Brother, it’s guaranteed some guests won’t get along. The casting of conflicting personalities is after all a hallmark of the production process.

It hasn’t even been a week and already a major and very personal break-up has developed between Janelle and Nicole Franzel.

The last explosion occurred early this morning. Cody was sitting outside watching Christmas play pool and chatting with her in the yard. A restless and exhausted Nicole stepped out to join them.

“I tried to fall asleep and they are celebrating! Is there anyone else here? Nicole asked.

“No, we’re just cooling off,” Cody replied as he sat on top of the dryer.

“They’re driving me crazy! They talk about Instagram ads and stuff. I’m like … Go beyond yourself, people! Nicole complained of Janelle, Bayleigh and Nicole Anthony.

“Were they talking in your room?” Weren’t you trying to sleep? Cody asked.

” YES! I’m here and there are five to six people in there, ”Nicole cried.

Nicole claimed Janelle intentionally brought up her former showman and boyfriend Corey Brooks in front of everyone knowing she now has a fiancé in Big Brother star Victor Arroyo.

“I don’t understand being raised to you when you have a fiancé?” said a puzzled Cody.

“Janelle talked about it. Janelle brings up everyone I don’t like. Then I say st and I’m going to be in trouble, ”Nicole sobbed.

“I think we’ll be fine,” Christmas said, trying to comfort her.

“I’m just pissed off right now! It’s no use, ”Nicole said.

“There is a point for her,” replied Noel.

“Yeah, to make me look bad,” Nicole said.

Christmas advised Nicole not to let Janelle get under her skin.

“I don’t say a word about being an influencer and I’m just sitting there with a pillow over my head and trying to sleep as they talk about advertising dildos. I’m like … What’s going on? I just want to hit my face and cut my finger with a butter knife! Nicole snapped.

“Yikes! It’s a lot. I can’t believe you’ve been there. Cut your finger with a butter knife? said a shocked Cody.

“She’s so boring. I hate being tortured by people, ”cried Nicole, crying. Christmas came to Nicole and gave her a hug.

“Nicole was talking about her podcast for a really long time and screaming at her partner’s grip,” Nicole said.

“You have to give the plug,” Cody said as he and Christmas gave separate shouts to their social media accounts. Christmas saw nothing wrong with this as there are viewers and fans who want to know more, follow them on social media.

“I don’t like this part. That’s not why you should be here, ”Nicole pouted. “I want to cry now. I am so pissed off!

Cody suggested that she take some of her frustration out and get tired and sleep while walking in the yard.

“It’s so boring. I hate being tortured by people, ”Nicole said. “I swear they are just keeping watch so I can’t sleep.”

Nicole also doesn’t like the way she thinks Janelle’s punishment this week is being handled by the production.

“She never has to wear her scary costume!” I couldn’t even take my sausage off for two seconds! she growled.

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