James Murdoch resigns from News Corp. board of directors due to ‘disagreements’ over editorial content – RT USA News




    James Murdoch, le fils du magnat des médias Rupert Murdoch, a démissionné du conseil d'administration de News Corp. invoquant des «désaccords» sur certains contenus publiés par les organes de presse de la société.

Dans une brève lettre de démission publiée vendredi, Murdoch a déclaré que sa décision était "en raison de désaccords sur certains contenus éditoriaux publiés par les organes d'information de l'entreprise" et «Certaines autres décisions stratégiques.»

News Corp. disclosed the letter in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, claiming his resignation would take effect ” at once. “

A Murdoch spokesperson declined to comment further on the reasons for the resignation, recounting his letter to the New York Times “Speaks for itself. “

News Corp, which is the parent company of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, is controlled by billionaire Rupert Murdoch. The company also owns the Times, Sunday Times and Sun newspapers in the UK, as well as a number of Australian publications.

The Murdoch family also owns Fox Corp., which is the parent company of Fox News.

James Murdoch had served on the company’s board since 2013. The youngest son of the media mogul, he had sought to distance himself from the company and his father’s political views in recent years.

Last year he told the New Yorker that he “Really disagree” with some views expressed on Fox News and admitted that there is “Periods” when he and his father are not talking. He also criticized media owned by his father’s company earlier this year, saying they played down the effects of climate change as bushfires raged in Australia.

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