James Blunt says he got scurvy after adopting a meat diet


Photo-Illustration: Getty Images

I’m really encouraged that more men have tried the All Meat Diet lately – it’s a great test of willpower, a known source of protein and a quick ticket to embarrass yourself. in public toilets. The trend’s semi-famous adoptees include podcast host Joe Rogan, who earlier this year said it gave him ‘explosive diarrhea’ but helped cleanse his skin and, overall, had made him feel amazing. Canadian pop psychologist Jordan Peterson, a beloved figure in the men’s rights community, also revealed in 2018 that his diet of beef and water caused him to lose 50 pounds (possibly from poo) , we do not know for sure). He also claims he cured his gum disease and her lifelong depression.

“You’re Beautiful” frontman James Blunt – no stranger to feats of heroism and endurance – has now admitted that he too once tried the carnivorous diet. It didn’t go well. He had scurvy. But he lived to talk about it on Tuesday’s episode of singer Jessie Ware’s podcast Table Manners.


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