Jamal Adams ‘really sharp’ and other observations from the first practice of the 2020 Seahawks training camp


Finally, there was football on Wednesday, or at least something akin to football, as the Seahawks took to the field as a whole team for the first time at training camp 2020. In a normal year, the Seahawks would play their first preseason game later this week, but this year has been anything but normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the first two weeks of training camp consisted of testing and a ramp . period to prepare players for training.

“For us it’s an important first day,” said Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. “This is the first time that we’ve put everyone on the pitch at the same time, working together, with helmets on everything, it’s starting to feel a bit like football. Everyone is really anxious and excited and eager to go. We all love. this game has waited so long and had to wait forever so the guys are delighted to be here to work. It was a great first day for us. The preparation worked pretty well. We stuck to the ramp-up regime, and it was good for these guys. They’re in pretty good shape and they’re good to go. Friday is really the first full speed training for us, we’ll see how it works and we’ll see how we get over it, and if we get there, we’re on the right track. ”

Wednesday’s work felt more like walking than full-speed practice and did not include any offensive work against defense, and the pads won’t continue until early next week, but it was refreshing nonetheless to see something soccer-like at VMAC again, so with that, here are five observations from Wednesday’s practice:

1. Jamal Adams makes a good first impression.

The speed of practice and the lack of contact mean Jamal Adams may not fully show what he is capable of doing at the moment from a physical point of view, but the All-Pro security that has been gained in a trading with the Jets last month already makes a really good early impression on his new team with his mentality and work ethic.

“He’s really sharp, he’s really competitive in that he really cares that he wants to know all the details, he wants to be corrected, he wants to be helped, he wants to be taught, trained and all that,” Carroll said. “He has a unique goal that some great players that we have really demonstrated. I just know he’s the real deal. You can see him on film, you can see him when you meet him, and he gets along really well. He has very high expectations of what he’s going to bring to the team and how he’s going to help, but he also has a really cool approach to it, because he knows he has to win it every time. step of the process, and it’s a great combination. not too full of himself. He wants to be a great player, but he wants to work at it. That’s all we can ask for. “


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