Jake Muzzin, injury, Auston Matthews leading the way – The Athletic


Shortly before falling onto the ice and being unable to get up, Jake Muzzin crouched down and put his body on the line to stop a hard shot from Oliver Bjorkstrand. The entire Maple Leafs bench s’ stood up and yelled in support, banging their sticks loudly on the boards.

Moments later, Muzzin was cross-checked by Pierre-Luc Dubois and tangled up with Bjorkstrand in the aftermath. Mitch Marner had just cleared the puck. He looked down and saw Muzzin on all fours. As the play progressed, Marner realized he still had work to do. He went back there. When the game was finally stopped, he saw Muzzin, “back down, completely lying” on the ice.

Marner skated and asked his teammate if he was okay.

Muzzin told him to “just give it a second” along with a few other messages that Marner preferred to keep private.

“Obviously it’s a little worrying,” Marner said. “And when you see the stretcher come out, a lot of …


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