Jaden and Justin Bieber bring the mood with “Falling For You”


Over the past few years, Jaden has proven himself to be an interesting artist, willing to think outside the box and push the boundaries. While there are a lot of people who continue to hate his production, it can’t be denied that Jaden has a vision and is confident enough in himself to put it all into his craft. Recently he dropped his CTV3: Cool Tapes Vol. 3 project and it sounds like an ode to summer. One of the songs that sums up this vibe is “Falling For You” with Justin Bieber.Bieber and Jaden complement each other perfectly on this song as they both sing of a budding love and all the trials and tribulations that come with it. It’s a song filled with a summery vibe and while it can be a bit too sentimental, it certainly serves its purpose.

Quotes words:

Kiss me, say goodbye, I’m crazy now
Crazy for your love, I do the most
Walk down the street to your mom’s house
Dirt road with pink sky and rainbows


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